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The Christchurch AusIMM discussion group invites you to a talk from Joanna Lea Petheram on Thursday the 26th of July at 6.00pm in the Golder Associates Christchurch office. The talk is titled “Temperature Monitoring and Strength Testing during Construction of a Cement Bentonite Slurry Cut-off Wall, Canadian Oil Sands”.

Joanna will give a brief introduction to oils sands formation and mining in Northern Alberta, Canada and then discuss a cement bentonite slurry cut-off wall which was constructed within a subsurface alluvial channel before construction of a tailings dam above. Detailed monitoring of the in-situ slurry temperature was undertaken, and enabled slurry samples to be stored at temperatures which mimicked the slurry temperature of the wall as it cured. The strength testing results were lower than standard ambient temperature testing and may represent more realistic slurry strength gains in the field.

About our speaker:
Joanna Lea Petheram is a Senior Engineering Geologist and currently works for Davis Ogilvie in Christchurch. She began her career working in consulting and worked on coal mining projects on the West Coast of New Zealand. She then took a position as an onsite geotechnical engineer at an opencast gold mine in New South Wales, Australia after which she moved to Alberta, Canada and returning to consulting. While in Canada Joanna worked on coal and gold mining projects, however her main focus was design, monitoring and operational support for tailings dams in the oil sands industry. She currently works on geotechnical investigations for residential and commercial projects as well as subdivision development throughout the South Island. She has found her project management skills and experience in slope stability, soil and rock mechanics, hydrogeology and geotechnical hazard assessment gained during her time in mining to be invaluable to her current position.


Date: Thursday 26th July 2018
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: The Regent Meeting Room Level 1, 214 Durham St  Christchurch Central
Cost: Free for all to attend. Includes Drinks and finger food.
Registrations: Please RSVP your interest to attend to Henry Dillon by emailing

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