The AusIMM New Zealand Branch

The New Zealand Branch is one of 26 branches of the AusIMM and has approximately 270 members. A brief history of the New Zealand Branch is available here.  In addition to enjoying the benefits of the AusIMM, the New Zealand Branch has several local activities including:
  • An Annual Branch conference, typically attracting approximately 250 delegates
  • Local technical and social meetings in some main centres
  • Local Discussion Group Meetings
  • Visiting Lecturer Programme

The Branch is active in promoting education mainly through two award schemes:

  • Scholarships awarded for research to students enrolled at Tertiary Education institutions, through the AusIMM New Zealand Education Endowment Trust
  • A cash prize for best student paper presented at the Annual Branch Conference

The Branch has a representative on the Minex Health & Safety Council.  Minex aims to improve the mining industry’s health and safety performance, and provide centralised industry representation in matters relating to health and safety.

Other activities include: sponsorship of publications on New Zealand mineral deposits, comment on public issues that affect members, and the Tas McKee memorial address.

Branch Rules:

New Zealand Branch Rules are available here.

The Minerals Institute

The AusIMM (Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy) represents over 13,000 individuals working in the global minerals industry.  Our focus is on promoting excellence across all professional disciplines through advocacy and provision of continuing professional development opportunities.

How to Join

Contact The AusIMM for more information on joining or visit the AusIMM website on applying for membership where you can fill in the application forms electronically.

Students: The NZ Branch has a policy of funding the membership fees of student members.  Further information is available here.

Items you will need to send in with your application may include:

  • Personal Information ie: Name, Address, Birthdate
  • Three Sponsors’ Signatures for the grades of Fellow, Member and Associate, two sponsors for Graduates and one for Students (only Corporate members may sponsor applicants; Students and Graduates excepted – the Principal or Academic may sign).
  • Verified evidence of education (Sponsors may sign)
  • Verification of Professional Experience (Sponsors may sign)
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • Any other Documentation that will support your application.

For information on student or graduate membership click here.  Information on transfer of membership grade and fees is available here.

The AusIMM Code of Ethics

All members of The AusIMM are required under by-law 25 to comply with the code of ethics.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to ensure that all AusIMM members uphold and enhance the honesty, honour, integrity and dignity of their profession.

The AusIMM Code of Ethics can be viewed here.

New Zealand Branch Members

New Zealand Honorary Fellows

Michael Henry Buckenham

New Zealand Branch Chartered Professionals

The AusIMM Chartered Professional scheme is a system of accreditation aimed to clearly recognise the qualifications and experience of mining industry professionals and to enhance the employment and career prospects of AusIMM members. It also aims to provide optimum levels of protection for the community at large by offering high standards of professional probity.

AusIMM Chartered Professionals resident in New Zealand as at 29 January 2014:

  Name CP Type Phone Email Address
  John Allen Geology 09 445 8822
  Kerrin Allwood Geology
  Daniel Bateman Management
  Ian Bogie Geology 09 913 8999
  Hamish Bohannan Mining
  Adam Bonham-Carter Mining 021 548 107
  Susan Bonham-Carter Mining 021 543 984
  Robert Boyd Geology
  Peter Church Geology
  Henry Dillon Geology 021 824 333
  Pieter Doelman Mining
  John Dow Management 03 545 6992
  Sean Doyle Geology
  Dean Fergusson Geology
  Adrian Fleming Geology
  Warwick Fortune Geology
  Peter Hancock Environmental
  Simon Henderson Geology
  Kane Inwood Geotechnical & Geology  029 229 1050
  Douglas MacKenzie Geology
  Knowell Madambi Mining
  Trevor Maton Mining
  Jonathan Moore Geology
  Terence O’Reilly Mining
  Alexander Phillips Geotechnical 03 789 9785
  Rodney Redden Mining
  Bruce Smith Geology
  Damian Spring Mining
  Kerry Stanaway Geology 09 536 4394
  René Sterk Geology
  David Stewart Mining  03 578 0359
  Paul Weber Environmental
  Stephen Wright Mining
  Cameron Wylie Geotechnical

If you are an AusIMM New Zealand Branch Chartered Professional and would like to have your contact details included above please contact the New Zealand Branch Secretary.