AusIMM New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust Scholarships

Background Information
The New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust (EET) was set up with initial funding from profits of the Auckland PACRIM Congress in 1995. The New Zealand Trust is separate from the Education Endowment Fund operated by the AusIMM in Australia as New Zealand students are not eligible for the Australian EEF for tax reasons. Since the EET’s inception, there have been 108 scholarships awarded to students at New Zealand universities. Information on the EET can be found in the Trust Deed.

The purpose of the EET is to provide scholarships to students undertaking research in geology, engineering or the environment that is related to the minerals industry. Students must be enrolled in a New Zealand university for the duration of the award. Preference will be given to projects based in New Zealand and to Student Members of the AusIMM.

The EET grants two types of scholarships:

  • Postgraduate scholarships of $5,000: these scholarships are for a 1 year term and normally awarded to students undertaking a Masters degree by thesis, and are awarded in the thesis year of their study.  Closing date: 28 February 2020.
  • Undergraduate BSc(Hons) project scholarships of $2000: these scholarships are awarded to students undertaking a BSc(Hons) degree in their fourth or Honours project year of their study, or a suitable Postgraduate Diploma qualification.  Closing date: 28 February 2020.

In addition to the EET postgraduate scholarships there are two awards with a value of $1000 each which are for outstanding candidates applying for the EET Postgraduate Scholarship, meeting the following criteria (there is no separate application for these awards):

  • Lloyd Jones Award of $1,000 – to an outstanding candidate whose proposed study area is related to mining engineering.
  • Jock Braithwaite Award of $1,000 – to an outstanding candidate whose proposed study area is in the fields of mineral exploration, as well as oil/gas, alluvial gold and industrial minerals.
Conditions for the Lloyd Jones & Jock Braithwaite Awards:
  1. Only one of each of the awards will be awarded in any one year.
  2. In the event of no candidates meeting the criteria, the award will not be made.
  3. These awards are granted solely on the discretion of the trustees.

Application for AusIMM New Zealand Branch EET Scholarships
Please provide all of the below information in your application, and email it to Vivienne Bull, Secretary, New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust (there is no application form). The electronic submission of your application MUST be in PDF format in one file not greater than 2 Mb. The file should be named as per the following convention: Family name_EET_degree name_2020_Feb.pdf

Required information:

  • The title of your research project and its location.
  • A short summary of no more than 300 words of the research objectives and how it is relevant to the minerals industry.
  • A brief CV with photo, and your academic record to date. An uncertified copy of your academic record is acceptable.
  • The degree or course you are enrolled in.
  • Details of any other funding you are receiving or have applied for.
  • Your supervisor or the Chairperson of Department/School must sign the application.
Donations to the AusIMM NZ Branch Education Endowment Trust

The EET is funded from donations, and from the New Zealand Branch of the AusIMM which derives most of its income from annual conferences. The EET is registered with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department as a charitable trust, and donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made by members when annual membership subscriptions are paid, or directly to the EET at any time.

John St George – Chairman

Recently retired from his position as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland. Graduated with a BSc degree in mining engineering from Imperial College, London, MSc in Rock Mechanics and Excavation Engineering from Newcastle University and a PhD from the University of Auckland for research into slope stability. Practical experience in the minerals industry in Africa and the UK. Research interests include the strength of coal in relation to stress effects and its permeability; the environmental effects of blast vibrations and subsidence related to mineral extraction sites.

Vivienne Bull – Secretary

Graduated MSc in geology from the University of Auckland. Over thirty years of experience in the New Zealand mining industry with AHI Minerals, Ministry of Energy and BHP Gold. Currently running Vivienne Bull Tenement Consultant specialising in New Zealand prospecting, exploration and mining permitting under the Crown Minerals Act. Member of AusIMM for more than thirty years and past member of the AusIMM Board.

Graeme Fulton – Treasurer

Graeme graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Mining and Petroleum Engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland and was a recipient of an AAC Scholarship. He has more than twenty years’ experience in mining and information systems, gaining practical mining experience with French-Kier on their Benbain Opencast coal mine (UK); Anglo American Corporation at Vaal Reefs Gold Mine, Premier Diamond Mine and Springbok Colliery (South Africa); and as Senior Mining Engineer for Avgold – Target Project on the development of a new deep-level gold mine. Extensive experience in mining information systems, having worked at Andersen Consulting, Intertech Systems and Datamine on information systems for mining, petroleum and manufacturing companies as well as mining software development, GIS and mapping. Additionally, he has extensive experience in mining and quarrying consultancy projects over a wide range of minerals and deposits both locally and internationally. Consultancy work has been undertaken in a number of countries including New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Southern Africa and Malaysia. A member of New Zealand Branch Committee from 2000-2010, which included terms as Newsletter editor (3yrs), Chairman (2yrs) and Treasurer (3yrs). He has previously been an ex-officio member of the EET and Trust Treasurer, and now returns to the Treasurer role and a Trustee after a four year gap.

Tony Haworth

Tony holds an MSc(Tech) degree majoring in Earth Science from the University of Waikato and a Masters in Finance degree from the London Business School. Over the past 20 years Tony has held a variety of technical, managerial and governance roles in New Zealand and offshore in the mining and investment banking sectors. Tony worked for New Zealand corporate advisory firm Campbell MacPherson Ltd for over a decade, where he held the position of Director, advising clients on a wide range of M&A, valuation and capital raising projects. He currently holds a variety of roles including Investment Manager with New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and as an Independent Director of New Talisman Gold Mines Limited.

Dean Fergusson

Dean is the current chair of the AusIMM New Zealand Branch.  Dean is a Trustee as a part of the responsibilities of being the current New Zealand Branch Chairperson of the AusIMM.

SGS Natural Resources Analytical Support Scholarship

Analytical Funding for Postgraduate students in Geochemistry and Fossil Energy
To invest in the future of the natural resources industry in New Zealand, SGS New Zealand Ltd, in association with the AusIMM New Zealand Branch, is proud to offer an Analytical Support Scholarship to students undertaking a postgraduate study in geochemistry and fossil energy. The scholarship is in the form of in-kind geochemical or coal based analysis over the course of the research project. The value of this award is to a maximum value of $2000 worth of analytical services. For more information about the SGS Natural Resources Analytical Support Scholarship, including application details, please click on the following link:

SGS Natural Resources Analytical Support Scholarship

Previous EET Scholarship Recipients
*also received Jock Braithwaite Award 

Hamish Lilley University of Otago Paragenesis of the quartz vein hosted Au-deposits of Preservation Inlet, SE Fiordland..
Alex Vilela University of Otago Intrusion related alteration and REE mineralisation in the Mandamus Igneous Complex.
Brittany Watson University of Otago Lithium mineralisation associated with carbonatites of the Alpine Dike Swarm, Southern Alps.
Holly Harvey-Wishart University of Waikato Hydrothermal alteration and pebble dikes within the Coromandel Volcanic Zone.
Erin Weightman University of Otago Environmental geochemistry of arsenic, antimony and sulphate at Macraes gold mine, Otago.
Carrie Jewiss University of Otago The water quality and geochemistry of acid mine drainage on the Denniston Plateau, West Coast, New Zealand.
Stephie Tay University of Otago Placer rare earth minerals of the West Coast, New Zealand.
Frances Blake University of Otago Arsenic mobility in loess above the Hyde-Macraes Shear Zone, Otago, New Zealand.
Hamish Lilley University of Otago Paragenesis of the wolframite-cassiterite system within Tin Range, Stewart Island.
Daniel Pickering University of Otago Characterisation and paragenesis of scheelite at Golden Point.
Lucy Carson University of Auckland Footprint and structural localisatino of epithermal Au-Ag deposits, Twin Hills, Coromandel Volcanic Zone.
Tom Ritchie University of Otago West Coast Placer garnet.
Emma Scanlan University of Otago A geochemical perspective on scheelite paragenesis in Otago.
Stephanie Tay University of Otago Environmental geochemistry of historic mine tailings at Alexander Mine, Reefton
Victoria Wilson University of Otago Paragenesis of Au and W mineralisation within the Bendigo reef system, Central Otago
 Anna Eames University of Waikato The chemistry and texture of sulfides (pyrite): the Waihi epithermal system
 Alastair King University of Otago Mineralisation and structure of the mineralised fault system at the Lot’s Wife gold prospect, Central Otago
 Fraser Shand University of Otago Conditions, style and paragenesis of mineralisation in the Cascade Creek porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Westland
 Fraser Shand University of Otago Structural controls, mineralising fluids and alteration halo at the Big River South-St George gold deposit, Reefton Goldfield
 Jim Dickie University of Otago Timing and conditions of mineralisation of the Blackwater Dike in the Greenland Group, Westland, New Zealand
 Andrew Mason University of Otago Understanding the structural and lithological controls and paragenesis of gold mineralisation within the Aorere Goldfields with special interest in the Johnston’s United Mine
 George Stick University of Otago A structural and paragenetic study of the Energetic Gold Mine, Reefton, New Zealand
 Ryan Lee* University of Waikato Identifying alteration signatures and vectors towards mineralisation in the Sams Creek dike-hosted gold deposit
 Lance Molyneaux Victoria University Mine disaster search and rescue robot eek dike-hosted gold deposit
 Grace Frontin-Rollet Victoria University The geochemistry and ecotoxicity of New Zealand seafloor phosphorites
 Simon Alder University of Otago Structure and seismicity in the Moonlight Fault Zone, Matukituki valley, Wanaka
 Alexis Belton University of Otago Timing of peak metamorphism and associated fluid flow in the Greenland Group metasediments in the Collie Range, Westland, New Zealand
 Billy Bodger University of Waikato Volcanic geology and epithermal mineralisation at the Wharekirauponga gold-silver prospect, Hauraki Goldfield, New Zealand
 Troy Collier Victoria University of Wellington Geology of the Pegasus Basin based on seismic data, with insights from outcrop correlatives in southern Wairarapa and northeastern Marlborough
 Jordan Crase University of Otago Diamond potential of a peridotite bearing alkaline dike, south Westland, New Zealand
 Hayden Dalton University of Otago A chemical study of elevated rare earth element concentrations in carbonatite –affected peridotites in Otago
 Tristan Menzies University of Otago Structure, fluid flow and mineralisation in the Moonlight Fault Zone, Moke Lake, Queenstown
 Kate Mauriohoho* University of Waikato The thermal evolution of the Tauhara Geothermal Field
 Megan Saunders University of Waikato Taranaki Foreland Basin record in northwestern South Island reconstructed from fission track and helium thermochronology
 Patrick Turner University of Canterbury Mineralisation potential, hydrothermal alteration and the mechanism of emplacement of the alkaline layered intrusives of the Mt Tapuaenuku igneous intrusion, Inland Kaikoura, New Zealand
 Sarah Fyfe University of Auckland Geometallurgy of the Waihi vein system
 Ayrton Hamilton University of Auckland Textures and mineralogy of the Kohuamari Silica sinter, Coromandel, NZ
 Taylor Knight University of Auckland Structural Geology of the Trio epithermal Deposit, Waihi, NZ
 Nichole Moerhuis University of Otago Timing and nature of fluid flow and mineralisation of Onekaka schist in NW Nelson
 Marshall Palmer University of Otago Timing and conditions of Mesothermal fluid flow in the Greenland Group, Westland
 Markham Phillips University of Otago Timing and Genesis of an Intrusion -Related Gold deposit: Sams Creek, NW Nelson, NZ
 Tom Ritchie University of Otago Timing and conditions of Mesothermal fluid flow in the Greenland Group, Westland
 Ravinder Singh University of Waikato Development and application of new methods for the application of stable isotopes to mineral exploration
 Erin Skinner University of Auckland Evolution of the Waihi vein system: Constraints from microscopic textural analysis and Ar40/Ar39 dating
 Lhani Voyle* University of Waikato Cenozoic Stratigraphy and Struture of eastern Taranaki Basin margin
 Rae West University of Canterbury Trialling passive remediation on AMD-affected mine waters, Bellvue Mine , West Coats, NZ
 James Conway University of Auckland Origin of sulphides and their effects on groundwater chemistry at the Martha Mine
 Tobias Francis University of Auckland Soil gas sampling Wharekirauponga epithermal Au-Ag prospect, Hauraki Goldfield
 Alicia Newton University of Auckland Structural geology of the Rahu prospect
 Rob Hunter University of Canterbury Mechanism causing erosion in embankment dams
 Lorraine Hamilton University of Auckland  Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Union-Trio, Waihi District, New Zealand
 Hayden Mackenzie University of Canterbury  Determining the origin of subsidence features, Kawerau, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
 Simon Taylor University of Waikato  The mechanisms and controls on basaltic volcanism in the South Auckland volcanic field
 Anna Lawless University of Waikato  The nature, distribution, origin and potential economic importance of glauconite in authigenic carbonate-phosphate-glauconite deposits on central Chatham Rise, Southwest Pacific
 Kirsty Vincent University of Waikato  U-Pb dating of zircons from rhyolitic volcanics in the Coromandel using LA-ICPMS
 Scott Carruthers University of Auckland Soil geochemistry in minerals exploration, as an indicator for the presence of epithermal Au – Ag deposits
 Sam Hemming-Sykes Victoria University of Wellington Faults as Barriers and conduits to Flow ; Investigating the dual Influence of Faulting on hydrocarbon migration and Accumulation in the Kupe Field, South Taranaki
 Courtney Briggs University of Canterbury Evolution of the Globe Progress orogenic gold deposit, Reefton gold field, New Zealand
 Robert McCann University of Otago Fingerprinting heavy metals in the Southern South Island,  New Zealand
 April Gibson University of Waikato Eruption styles and controls on magamatic and phreatomagmatic volcanism in the South Auckland Volcanic Field
 Daniel Strang Geotechnical investigation of Whitehall quarry
 Ben Andrews University of Waikato Origin and Paleoenvironmental significance of widespread unconformities in NZ Paleocene sedimentary
 Larissa MacMillan University of Waikato Comparitive sedimentology and paleoecology of fossil giant oyster beds in Tertiary strata from New Zealand and Argentina
 Melissa Troup University of Waikato Stratigraphy, sedimentology and petrology of Miocene cold-seep limestones in the Wairapa ; the geological evidence for past seabed hydrocarbon seepage.
 Rebecca Richards University of Waikato U-Th and U/Pb double dating of detrital sedimentary grains from Fiordland Eocene – Miocene sedimentary section for provenance history.
 Jenny Stein University of Otago Paleogeography of the Eastern Southland Coal Basin
 Bradley Hopcroft Waikato University Depositional system of eastern Taranaki Basin and implications for hydrocarbon habitats
 Hugh Davies University of Otago Geochemical changes following pH remediation within the Mangatini Stream, Stockton Mine
 Sarah Ewen University of Waikato Miocene cold-seep limestones in northern Hawke’s Bay: the geological evidence for past seabed hydrocarbon seepage.
 Helen Cocker University of Auckland Broken Hills Mine, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand
 James Mortimer University of Auckland Structural aspects of the Favona low-sulphidation Au-Ag deposit, Waihi, New Zealand
 Danielle Payne University of Waikato North Kaipara shelf sands
 Orla Hansen University of Waikato Silica in limestone at Oparure quarry, Te Kuiti
 Callum Browne University of Auckland Mercury in soils at Martha and Favona, Waihi
 Remalia Sharplin University of Auckland Tui mine site water quality remediation
 Annette King University of Otago Arsenic levels and plant uptake on revegetated tailings, Macraes mine
 Lauren Sunde University of Auckland Golden Cross u/g vein textures, mineralogy and geochemistry
 Campbell Ryland University of Otago Geology, mineralisation and structure at Bald Hill, South Westland
 Joanna Lea University of Canterbury Geotechnical investigation of the highwall at the proposed Terrace opencast mine, Reddale, Reefton
 Tim Mulliner University of Otago Metals in Southland groundwater, and the influence of geological setting on their concentrations
 Shannon Martin University of Auckland Mineralogy, texture and geochemistry of vein samples from the Martha mine, Waihi
 Philip Jones University of Otago Structural evolution and mineralisation of the Hyde-Macrae’s shear zone, Golden Bar pit, East Otago
  2004- 2005
 Alistair Stuart University of Auckland Geology and geochemistry of the Karangahake epithermal gold and silver deposit, North Island, NZ
 Matthew Harris University of Auckland Geophysical characteristics of epithermal deposits in the southern portion of the Waitekauri Corridor, Hauraki Goldfield , NZ
 Roelant Dewerse University of Auckland Highwall stability assessment, Awaroa 4 Opencast Coal Mine, Rotowaro Coalfield, Huntly
 Charles Rands University of Otago Molybdenum bearing plutons of NW Nelson: geology, mineralization and tectonic setting
  2003- 2004
 Joseph Hughes University of Otago Environmental geochemistry of Stockton Mine and implications on water quality
 Andrea Todd University of Otago Hydrogeology and revegetation of an historic mine site at Kaitangata, South Otago
  2002- 2003
 Lucy Hewlett University of Otago Comparing the mineralogy, hydrogeology and geochemistry of waters from gold and coal mines in Reefton
 Kirsty Macorison University of Auckland Geology of the Taharoa ironsand deposit
 John Morton University of Otago Manganese and scheelite mineralisation in the Mt Patriarch region of Central Otago
 Michael Fitzgerald University of Waikato Structure and hydrothermal alteration of epithermal mineralisation at Ohui, Hauraki Goldfield
  2001- 2002
 Stuart Cartwright University of
Cenozoic geological evolution of the Central-Eastern King Country Basin, North Island
 Craig Noble University of Auckland Arsenic in West Coast coal mine drainages
 Nathaniel Wilson University of Otago Arsenic and antimony in West Coast and Otago mine sites
  2000- 2001
 Greg Carter University of Auckland Deep hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation in the Ladolam epithermal gold deposit, Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea
 Jennie Dingley University of Auckland Stratigraphy, sedimentology and mineralogy of the Waikato North Head ironsand deposit
 Wendy Hampton University of Auckland Textures and mineralogy of Pliocene silica sinter at Whenuaroa, southern Puhipuhi, Northland
 Erin Hollinger University of Otago Vein textures, mineralogy and ore grades at Martha Hill epithermal Au-Ag deposit, Waihi, New Zealand
 Alexandra Johansen University of Waikato Facies analysis and hydrocarbon reservoir potential of Miocene sandstones, East Coast Basin, North Island, New Zealand
 Andrea Strand University of Auckland Geochemical and mineralogical changes associated with alteration envelopes around mineralised veins in the Coeur d’Alene mining district, Idaho, USA
 Craig Anderson University of Otago Microbial remediation of a wetland contaminated with arsenic near the Barewood gold mine, Central Otago
 Reece Harrison University of Waikato Geochemical processes occurring within gold mine tailings with low sulphide content in the high precipitation temperate environment of Waihi, New Zealand
  1998- 1999
 Amanda Black University of Otago Remediation of the effects of coal mine tailings, Kaitangata, South Otago
 Stephen Krippner University of Waikato Geology and mineralisation of the Kapowai caldera, Coromandel Peninsula
 Ian McIntosh University of Auckland Hydrothermal feldspar occurrence in the Broadlands geothermal system, Taupo Volcanic Zone
 Josie Robertson University of Auckland The Calypso undersea geothermal system, White Island
 David Tillick University of Auckland Clay mineralogy of the Golden Cross gold-silver deposit, Coromandel Peninsula

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